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    Pussenkav TNI AD Upgrade Tank Scorpion

    17 Januari 2017Tank Scorpion 90 TNI AD hasil upgrade (photo : Angkasa)Pussenkav TNI AD Upgrade Tank Scorpion, Ini HasilnyaSelain Anoa amfibi yang dijajal langsung oleh Presiden Joko Widodo, gelaran Rapat Pimpinan TNI di Mabes...

    Thales to Upgrade Sonar System of RAN’s Collins-Class Submarines

    25 November 2016Collins cutaway (image : Amazon)Thales Australia has been awarded an AUD100 million (USD74.3 million) contract to design a major sonar system upgrade for the Royal Australian Navy's (RAN's) six Collins-class submarines, Australia's...

    Myanmar is Planning to Get the Licensed Production of the new Ukrainian BTR-4

    28 Februari 2017BTR4 armored personnel carrier (photo : strategic bureua)According to the documents, which were in the online, Myanmar is planning to organize the licensed production of the new Ukrainian armored personnel carriers BTR-4.This...

    Israeli F-16A/B Retired, the Chances for Vietnam

    02 Januari 2017F-16A/B Israel Air Force (photo : Avionist)The Israel completely retired fighter aircraft F-16A/B to open up opportunities for countries to own this type of aircraft, such as Vietnam.According to the Jane's magazine, the Israeli...

    13 Marine Aircraft to Deploy to Australia

    25 Januari 2017USMC MV-22 Ospreys (photo : Stars and Stripes)The Marine Corps this spring is sending its largest aircraft element to date -- four tilt-rotor Ospreys and five Super Cobra and four Huey helicopters,...

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