FNSS-Pindad Jointly Developed Medium-Weight Tank Ready for Testing

13 Mei 2017

FNSS-Pindad Kaplan MT medium weight tank (photo : FMK)

Kaplan MT medium weight tank ready for testing

Turkey’s FNSS Savunma Sistemleri has released details of a new Kaplan (Tiger) MT Modern Medium Weight Tank.

FNSS and Indonesia’s PT Pindad unveiled the jointly developed medium weight tank, Kaplan MT, during the 13th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) in Istanbul. The Kaplan MT brings a new breath to the battlefield with its accurate direct fire capability, a wide selection of ammunition ranging from close fire support to anti-tank ammunition, and superior tactical and strategic mobility.

Kaplan MT medium weight tank (photo : Anadolu)

The vehicle’s new generation engine, coupled with a fully automatic electronic controlled transmission, results in of 20 hp/ton ratio; depending on the configurable protection system.

KAPLAN MT owes its advanced mobility capability to it’s 6 wheeled anti-shock suspension system, built on torsion bars with double pinned tracks twhich provides optimum performance on both urban infrastructure and cross country. The vehicle is fully operable in a broad range of altitude and humidity, and tempratures. (-18°C/+55°C).

Kaplan MT medium weight tank (photo : BMPD)

The vehicle’s power pack is equipped with capacity cooling pack and fuel tanks. The cooling pack is cooled by an intelligent software driven hydraulic fan for optimum torque extraction and fuel economy, and two separate fuel tanks provide a minimum operating range of 450km. An auxiliary power unit enables turret operation when vehicle engine is not running by charging battery system. Advanced battery monitoring system is also equipped for optimum power management and silent watch capabilities.

New fire control system enables rapid preparation for fire engagement, high accuracy in range measurement and high first round kill probability either in motion or standstill, both day and night.

The new FCS solution enables the commander to take the gunner’s role in case of emergency and to fire at selected targets.

The vehicle’s firepower ts provided by a CMI Cockerill 3105 turret, integrated with a high-pressure 105mm Cockerill Gun and an advanced autoloader. Thanks to this turret, the Kaplan MT has high firepower power despite its relatively low weight.

New generation KAPLAN MT’s precision direct fire capability ensures sufficient lethality coupled with outstanding tactical and strategic mobility. The vehicle’s rear configuration power pack, heavy duty suspension system, double pin tracks and advanced electronic control systems each contribute to ensure freedom of action during expeditionary maneuver.


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