Another 4 F-5s Getting Upgrade, With Official Program Detail


02 Agustus 2017

Detail of RTAF F-5 upgrade into Super Tigris (all photos : RTAF)

The minister of defense submits the proposal to the cabinet for another 4 F-5s upgrade effort in the deal worth 3,200 million Baht, adding to 10 aircraft currently undergoing the upgrade under the program ‘Super Tigris’.

RTAF also for the first time detail the upgrade program. The official Facebook post says that the program will add another 2,400 flight hours to the airframe. This enable the F-5 Super Tigris to fly for another 15 years. The program also sees the integration of Refael’s LETENING III targeting pod and Sky Shield Jamming pod to the type.

The weapon package including Python-4 and I Derby for within and beyond visual range mission. The pilot will wear Elbit’s DASH Helmet for weapon operation.

Cockpit renovation including new mission computer, two MFCD display, DVDR system, new HUD and UFCP, new ECS, as well as jamming-resistant AN/ARC-164 HAVE QUICK II radio.

Link-T tactical datalink will be installed on F-5 Super Tigres to enable the network-centric operation of the aircraft that will be under the RTAF’s C2 system.



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