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    Rheinmetall Offers Medium Battle Tank for Indonesian Army

    29 Oktober 2016Medium battle tank : chasis Marder 1, turret Hitfact II (all photos : Oto Melara)IndoDefence 2016: Rheinmetall's Vehicle CompetenciesRheinmetall's comprehensive expertise here ranges from the development of new vehicles – like the...

    Thailand has Ordered 28 VT4 Chinese Tank, the First Deliveries are Expected in September

    29 Oktober 2016VT4 MBT front view (photo : tanknutdave)The article «More Details of VT4 MBT in Thailand», published in the September issue of the journal «Kanwa Asian Defence», reported with reference to the publication...

    Indonesia to Launch ‘Tank Boat’ with Amphibious Capabilities

    28 Oktober 2016Tank boat (image : Lundin)State-owned land system and weapons maker PT Pindad is set to launch a new Indonesian-made weapon system that combines the capabilities of a tank and ship, dubbed the...

    Armour Modernisation Nears Completion

    26 Oktober 2016Rheinmetall is due to complete deliveries of the Leopard 2 RI main battle tank to Indonesia by March 2017 (photo : Yudi Yuviama)Indonesia ordered 61 Leopard RI MBTs among other vehicles in a...

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