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    China is Testing a New Very Long Range Air to Air Missile

    28 November 2016The J-16 carries two VLRAAM for a test firing. The VLRAAM is one of the world's largest air to air missiles. Its other advanced features include an AESA radar, a infrared/electro-optical seeker...

    AM General Unveils 105 mm Howitzer Mounted on 4×4 Vehicle

    15 November 2016More details have reached armadainternational.com regarding the new Mandus/AM General Hawkeye 105mm self-propelled howitzer unveiled at the October Association of the United States Army exhibition held in Washington DC (all photos :...

    Norinco Unveils VT5 Light Tank

    03 November 2016Norinco VT5 light tank (photo : China Defense)China North Industries Corporation (Norinco) chose the occasion of the 11th Zhuhai Air Show in China to unveil its VT5, a new light main battle...

    DCNS Unveils Belharra, 4.000 Tonne Frigate

    19 Oktober 2016Belharra  4000-tonne high-tech frigate (all images : DCNS)DCNS Unveils [email protected]®, The New-Generation Digital FrigateOn the occasion of the Euronaval Exhibition in Paris-Le Bourget, DCNS unveils [email protected]®, the new front-line digital frigate dedicated to...

    Airbus DS Demonstrates C295 Tanker

    07 Oktober 2016Airbus DS demonstrated the aerial refuelling capability of the C295 in late September, and plans to conduct helicopter-receiver trials of the system before the end of the year. (photo : Airbus DS)Airbus...

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