Vietnam Ready to Receive Two Final Su-30MK2


11 Oktober 2016

Two Su-30MK2 fighters last Vietnam People’s Air Force has completed the testing and ready to handover (photo : Russia Air Force Forum)

On the day 8/10 the Air Force Forum has published pictures of two Su-30MK2 final production for Vietnam Air Force.

Information from the factory KNAAPO citation in Komsomolsk, Russia said, engineers and production personnel souvenir photograph with two Su-30MK2 finally produced for Vietnam. Two aircraft bearing number is respectively 8593 and 8594.

Under the plan, the Su-30MK2 2 will be delivered to Russia in October Vietnam coming after the previous two were handed over in May 2/2016. So after receiving the last 2 aircraft, Vietnam will own fleet of Su-30MK2 with a total of 35 units.

And according to information posted page 6/2016 last month, after finishing two Su-30MK2 last in line for Vietnam Air Force, the KNAAPO plant will not produce Su-30MK2 more that focus on developing next-generation fighter PAK FA 5 T-50 and Su-35.


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